Gerupuk Skate Classic 2!

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Surfcamp Lombok Photo by Jenny

Gerupuk SK8 Classic 2!

On June 7th the 'Turkey Bowl' at Surfcamp Lombok in Gerupuk, had a massive turnout of spectators and competitors, gathering to watch the locals tear it up in the surf style bowl.

Spectators of all ages and nationalities enthusiastically cheered, as the 40+ competitors divided into three different kategorys, each skater getting a 2 minute heat, while listening to the musical genius of Dj Raksasa & M.C Sakrot.
Since the last competition the younger generation have always had a few representatives in the bowl from sun up till sundown. So the level of skating was very high considering that nobody had seen a skateboard up until a year ago.

For the main event the judges where scoreing for style, tricks and technique, but also looking for Best Trick, Best Slam and
Best Surf Style with prizes given from both Surfer Girl and Globe.

The girls started out with seven contenders and after an historic jam Gemur was the standout skater with a relaxed style and airs over the hip. She took home 1st Place again for the girls winning a brand new skateboard from globe.

Next up was the boys under 14 with all the kids landing a  variety of tricks, even some new ones. Madil and Danny that live next door had a head to head battle, with Madil taking 1st Place this time with his super smooth style and new hip transfer.

Best Trick went to Max with a 5 O grind hip transfer, Best Surf Style to Take, and Best Slam to Raman .

Between the different groups the Free Skate Sessions brought out the most stoked skating and ecstatic crowd we had ever seen around the bowl, from first dropins to crazy airs.

Last was the Open category with many experienced surfers, skating like they surf, pulling big layback slide turns close to the copeing. Lanang  a local skater was confidant with his bag of tricks and was landing massive frontside indy grabs over the hip winning him 1st place.

Its amazing how a the ´Turkey Bowl´slab of concrete can bring the community together

We cant wait for the next one!

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Amazing kids

What caught my attention wa kids especially girls skateboarding. What's more they're barefoot! And they look so happy when they do it. After reading the article, I was amazed to find out that they haven't seen a skateboard until a year ago. In their generation, which is governed by technology, I am happy to see that kids are still playing outdoors and was never living in a virtual world.

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