Follow our local business partners as they joined a high society gala event in Jakarta!

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Sometimes opportunities that seem to fun to be true show up, and this happened to 3 our co-workers early January. Mann, Jenodin & Matt got the chance to go on a 24 hour Jakarta mission where football and the trophy for the 2014 year world cup was the center of attention. They had no idea what would happen before they went and they were excited to say the least.

Take off from Lombok!Take off from Lombok

Jakarta Traffic!Jakarta Traffic

Fancy hotel lobby hangout!Fancy hotel lobby

FIFA World cup VIP dinner in hotel Ballroom!FIFA World cup VIP dinner in hotel Ballroom

Hangin out with Dwight Yorke, the former striker for Manchester United!Dwight Yorke

Then it was time to meet the 7kg WORLD CUP TROPHY!Trophy time! After a long day/night, Mat slept like a baby.Mat sleeping

The next morning we went to check out a custom motorbike shop!custom motorbike shop

Then for some es champur!Es champur

Mat was (as usually back home in the village) a bit tired sometimes.Mat is tired again

After food and rest we had tickets to the VIP pre-show of the FIFA world cup event!VIP event!

It ended up being a hectic but very exciting adventure with many experiences that was a bit different than life at home in Gerupuk, but perhaps the very best part of it all was to come back home and tell their friends and family about the insanely rich people they had been eating with, the trophy of gold and the crazy traffic jams and tall buildings in the capital.