Our surf holidays are open to surfers of all abilities with easy waves ideal for beginners, and powerful breaks to challenge seasoned surfers. Our expert coaching team is experienced in coaching all levels, including first-time surfers. The price includes all meals (one restaurant visit excluded), accomodation, equipment, courses, yoga sessions, boat transport and free use of all our toys. With a "deliberate practice" approach to surf learning we offer you a unique opportunity to join a two week experience with detailed step by step guidence, individual smart goals and immediate informative feedback. Surfing is THE top priority but we also go on small adventures by car or boat to explore new places together. This could be things like organic farm visits, short mountain trekks, waterfall swimming, fishing,snorkeling, cliff jumping or visiting local markets. We also play a very prestigious game of football with the local team every camp, so bring good shoes. Although there are plenty of activities offered there is always the option to just relax in the tree house with a book, rip the skate bowl, watch documentaries or simply engage in interesting conversations.

Surf BnB
The surf camp now also runs as a SURF B&B, prices starts at 100.000Rp for mixed dorms and 150.000Rp for private rooms

All the necessary equipment is included in your stay, just bring (see attachment) and we provide the rest. With over 40 surfboards to choose from we will help you find a board that is suitable for you. We also run a shaping bay where you can take part in designing a surfboard, custom made just for you.

Being able to communicate your current skill and experience to us before you arrive at SCL allows us to plan your week of coaching to maximise your progress. “Intermediate” can mean anything from a few days, to a few decades of surfing, so instead we use the level 1-4 system.

 Level 1
- I can surf the internet 
- I am a complete beginner/novice and enjoy knee-waist high waves 

 Level 2 
- I am a holiday surfer/weekend warrior 
I can stand up and catch the majority of waves I paddle for 
I can make angled take off and trimming down the line I am confident in waist high waves 

 Level 3 
I can consistently catch head high waves without assistance 
I have started to learn manoeuvres such as cut backs and floaters

 level 4 
I am comfortable in over head surf and can perform critical manoeuvres in the powerful part of the wave
I am on my search for getting barrelled

You will be guided into the unbroken waves, have constant in water coaching and weekly photo analysis as well as land based training. Even if you are not new to surfing we invite you to this possibly life changing experience. Guided by our fully qualified team of lifeguard trained surf instructors you will (in 2 weeks!) learn more than most surfers would in a year without coaching.

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Most of the coaching is done through frequent photo analysis and land based theory, we establish which areas of your surfing that are restricting you from achieving your goals. 'Sessions' is for intermediate to experienced surfers. This course is adapted to you as an individual surfer and involves a great deal of photo analysis. Sessions uses all types of transport available to get to the best surf breaks throughout south Lombok...from small indonesian sampans, cars, motor-bikes, your own hiking feet to our 50ft charter boat.

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