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Surfcamp Lombok is now looking for one new surf coach for the beginners group, the season has already started so the job starts right away. If you are interested and meet the qualifications please contact us as soon as possible at


  • 30th January – 14th June
  • 16th August  – 14th December

The coaches start half way through the season and works until we close. When we open up again about 2 months later, you work for another half season before a new coach takes over....


  • Professionally qualified Surf Coach
  • Be able to solve problems and have a lot of own Initiative
  • Be flexible and open minded
  • Commit to our ethos and guidelines


  • General planning and handling of the beginners surf group.
  • To work for a whole season and arrive at the camp 3 days before opening date
  • To lead our Indonesian Surf Coach Team
  • To follow our ‘Surf Coach Manual’

Surfcamp Lombok Mission statement:

“To share a unique experience with open minded and driven individuals in a creative environment while providing professional surf coaching both in and out the water.”

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Working at Lombok

Hi Guys
I was looking to go out on a surf volunteer project and came across your site. I'm a photogragher and surfer but not instructor. I'm a snowboard instructor so have alot teaching experience, I am looking to do my instructors course and wondered if you be in interested in me working with you if I did. I'd love to do a season with you documenting the volunteer work you guys do and aswell everything else involved with surf camp Lombok. I'm gutted I missed the skate bowl camp last year that would of been really cool.
I work with Surfgirl magazine so would be looking to cover a whole article on what you guys do, if you would be interested. 
Let me know what you think
Hope to hear from you soon

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Hey, my name is nick and i am

Hey, my name is nick and i am 23 years old. I curently manage a boating club in Florida. I have experience teaching beginers how to surf through my local surf shop and believe myself to be more then qualified. I have been surfing for 8 years and have traveled all over the world surfing.I am also certified in first aid and cpr. I am a licensed boat captain and i am comfortable driving all sizes of boats. i would love the oportunity to beable to work with you guys. thank you.

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Professional Surf Coach

Hi Team

I am a professional surf coach from new zealand, and am responding to the ad on your website for qualified surf coach's.

I am currently managing at an outdoor adventure company based in Asia and have a large amount of surf instructing experience with ISA acredited schools in New Zealand and Europe, and references to go with it. I am Surf lifeguard and ISA surf coach qualified & Have a high level of Emergency medical training.Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

Regards, Scott.

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Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this update, this is an exciting opportunity. To be an official surf instructor certification takes into account,experience, technical knowledge and teaching ability. - Douglas Andrew

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Surfing is one of passion

Surfing is one of passion right now. I am been surfing in Siagao. - welding school training