Sumatra Boat Trip

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If you are looking for a boat trip, this is the one. For 10 days we will sail through some of the best and most consistent surf spots in the entire world. Underwater photagrapher Christian Göran will be joining us with his underwater housing and his SLR camera to make this moment last forever. There will be a maximum of 10 guests, so contact us through email asap if you are interested.


SimeulueOn the 15th of April we set sail from the Banda Aceh, Indonesia’s most western province and head south along the coastline of Sumatra, ten days later we arrive in Lagundri, Nias. We spend the first days around a few unexplored locations along the Aceh coast, later on we head straight south towards Simeulue where we check a few unnamed spots and then continue to Tea-Bags outside SE Simeulue.


The Banyak IslandsThe next area to explore is the Banyak Islands with famous breaks such as Turtles and Treasure Island. Depending on the wind/swell we will cruise around this area for a few days to find the best conditions for the day. Finally we head further south to spend the last day at any of the offshore islands of Nias.


JiwaThe boat is a traditional Phenisi ship built by Jon Wilkenson in 2007, this boat is made especially for surf charters and live aboard trips throughout South East Asia. The 75 footer has plenty of room for the 10 lucky guests on board.


Departure: Lhok Nga or the main port of Banda Aceh. Late night on the 14th or early morning on the 15th of April

Arrival: Lagundri Bay, Nias. Late night on the 24th of April.