Surfcamp Lombok Photo by Surf camp Lombok



As you can read here on the website Lombok Surfcamp has a new project building a skate bowl. We are a group here in Gothenburg working with the project and it’s time for us to introduce ourselves!


We have Filip, our own Mac Gyver. He is in charge of everything connected to the building materials, technical issues and knows everything about building a skate bowl. He is also a photographer and will be documenting the construction work in Lombok with some nice pictures. Filip has a passion for all board sports and is a dedicated skateboarder.


Lisa is our graphic guru who is working with flyers, graphical design and other marketing materials. She is a great painter who likes to both surf and climb.


Peter is our hacker who will be supporting us in all our web related issues. He is a wind surfer who has started to catch a big interest in kite surfing.


Viktor is our copy writer who will be in charge of all the writing of texts for sponsors and other marketing and has become one of Swedens most known inline riders.


Klara is a Development aid engineer with focus on energy and environmental issues. She is an adventurer who has snatched fourth place in the World freediving championchips and can hold her breath for more than 6 min.


And me, Gabriella. I’m the project manager who is trying to puzzle all the pieces together. I will probably be the one writing here and keeping you updated on how everything is going. I like to snowboard and have just found a new passion in skateboarding, hope to do so with surfing as well!


In the end of June me and Filip will gather our stuff and head for Lombok surfcamp to continue our work there. And hopefully we will see you there!


Continue dropping in on the website because we will keep you updated on how the project is going.


See you!

//Gabriella & Project Skatebowl