Project Skate Bowl- Lombok!

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Surfcamp Lombok Photo by Charlie

Press release 2010-02-10

Project Skate Bowl- Lombok, Indonesia

Surf camp Lombok and volunteer groups builds skateboard-bowl in Indonesia.

Surf camp Lombok started in 2007 on the island of Lombok in Indonesia, the camp has since the start worked close together with the local community and with time this has evolved into a number of goodwill projects. SCL is now aiming even higher, for 2010 our goal is to start volunteer camps where guests can take part of specific projects that benefits the people of Gerupuk.

Step one is, and always has been the children, so our first major project is to build a skate-bowl.

When? Summer 2010

Where? Gerupuk, South Lombok, Indonesia. (300km east of Bali)

How? Through finding 10 separate sponsors and as many volunteer workers as possible who can work together lead by a hired coordinator from Bali.

The volunteers will attend a normal surf camp but at the same time take part of the skate-bowl project or any of our other projects we have at that time.

A skateboard bowl is a bowl shaped swimming pool made of extremely durable cement. This might not seem to be the most obvious humanitarian project, but we see this as an opportunity, as well as a foundation for future projects. To develop sustainable, meaningful projects in a village with old traditions you need mutual respect and a common goal, which describes the relation SCL and the village of Gerupuk has created during the years. The surf camp has great support from the people of Gerupuk and wishes to use this relation in the best possible way.

Ongoing projects:

-       English classes in the local school or at the camp after school hours.

-       Planting trees at the school yard, drilling a well and building a toilet for school students.

-       Putting out anchor boys to protect local coral reefs.

Projects with focus on women’s rights:

-       All profit from selling t-shirts at the camp goes to sponsor university studies for local girls.


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