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Buckle up for season start 2010, as always many things are happening but usually in rubber time. 

The traditional Lombok Bonyale festival is in its prime with its mass-hysteria for catching of oceanic worms and moped caravans, some kind of equivalent of the swedish midsummer ,, hm sort of. 

A small group of rippers are currently perfecting tequnices and experimenting with underwater documentation. 

Svante the climber has prepped the climbing wall and is planing routes so the first bouldering session is for shure done within the week.

With the cooperation of Marika the garbadge disposal setup for Grupuk is slowly moving towards a substanible solution with bins and a pickup truck one a week.

And whats been the highlight in Lombok the past weeks is our idol the Japanese shaper Ryoske Holi that has been schooling our local talent Sudir. Many hours in the shaping bay with a language barrier of steel and many laughs has now produced a small range of inovative boards to stars with.  After a bit of experimenting with material we have a plan to make super strong boards and furniture from leftovers to keep on the green track.

Udjat the mad jungle creature is suspected of taking steroids and gets an apatite for bigger and bigger pray, with this rate the students wont go safe in a few months.



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Sweeet! Climb safe!


Climb safe!

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Nice update on the camp Olle!

Underwater documentation is rad!! Glad to hear also that the Ryoske and Sudir could make some rad boards! I'd love to see some nice photography from the results and hear more about the specific materials. I've have been messing with some experimentation in different rails on my Fishes. The hard resin edge on the rail is crucil for hold in more powerful surf when using a twin-fin keel set-up. Otherwise the board will skid a lot. Other teqnuqies of course work as well like adding a smaller middle fin, wings, or using a qaud set-up. Adding more fins will create more drive out of turns but increase drag slightly. I belive Mark Richards was first with the twin plus a smaller middle fin I belive. During the seventies he won several events riding his fish designs with that set-up. All said,  I still prefer the the twin keel shaped from marine plywood and glassed on. It  is more estetically pleasing to the eye and with the correct board design utilizing a hard resin edge it still holds good up to head high or bigger in less powerful conditions.. Hehua!