Meet our local co workers Episode 3: Man-Surf guru and much more...

Jenny's picture
Surfcamp Lombok Photo by Jenny

Man (short for Abdurahman)is part of the reason the Surfcamp exists, he was worked with us from the start, and a big help to make it happen and is one of the key people in the company. He is the boss of our local surfcoaches as well as responsible for the accommodation part of the surfcamp.  He also surfs with our guests from time to time. He lives in Gerupuk with his wife and daughter where they  together run the family business Sugesty Homestay.

He brought the surfing to Gerupuk and he has surfed for many years, he is not really sure for how many but let´s just say he knows what he´s doing out in the water. There are two kinds of surf sessions; the one without Man in the water and the ones with Man. When he´s there the atmosphere tends to be a bit more fun and crazy, he likes to surf in different funny hats, laughs all the time and once and again he does his trick of surfing on his head.

Part from this he is a devoted soccer player and is a member of the Gerupuk team “Berol” as well as being a coach for the local kids team.

A buisy man Mr Man :-)