Meet our local co workers! Episode 2: Kadek- Janitor and Bali Refugee

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Surfcamp Lombok Photo by Jenny

Kadek-Camp Janitor and Bali refugee

“He is the best recruitment we have made so far” –this you hear amongst the European staff on the Surfcamp about Kadek, our Janitor, the man who can repair just about anything.

Kadek lives with us on the camp together with his wife Komang who is also our assistant chef. Kadek is the man you go to if anything is broken or if you want to have a good laugh; Kadek  has a taste for laughing when people do stupid stuff or get slightly hurt. We must point out though that he does this in a very loving way and he laughs as much when he himself does something stupid. Part from being the Janitor he enjoys taking short naps and being boat captain when we go spear fishing, always with his cigarettes tucked nicely inside his hat. He is also the goal keeper in Gerupuks soccer team “Berol”.

Kadek is from Singaraja on Bali and used to run a Warung there together with his wife. There are also rumours that he used to be a boxer and that he during his years of boxing only lost twice…

As you can see he´s got many talents and that is why we decided to make him the face of the red and white sticker you can see here.

Kadek-Steady as a rock!