Meet our local co workers! Episode 1: Keto, General Camp fixer

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Surfcamp Lombok Photo by Jenny

Meet our local staff Episode 1: Keto, General Camp Assistant

The camp wouldn´t exist without the help of our local co-workers and it´s time you get to know more about them.

First out is Keto , who rocked up at the camp about 1½years ago and sort of employed himself by starting to give a helping hand wherever needed. Soon he became an important part of our lives and he has been with us ever since.

Keto is the General Assistant at the camp and his daily chores can be anything from helping out with cleaning, water delivery, random odd jobs and fixing things that are broken, often with the help of Kadek our Janitor. (Kadek will be introduced to you on a later occasion.)

Part from this Keto is a huge contribution when it comes to taking care of our guests  and even though he´s deaf and mute he is the one many of our guests talk the most to and tends to refer to  after the leave. Keto has his own sign language, of course universal, so it works on everyone and we call this language Bahasa Keto; Bahasa Keto is a weird and charming mix of hand gestures and funny noices, when you visit us you must try it! He is also a master of playing chess, sometimes with a little bit too much arrogance though…He loves to win!

Of course he does a lot of surfing and skating too. Recently we had a skateboard competition and Keto came in as 2nd in his group and won a skateboard. He will for sure try to get even better until the next heat is on…

Keto for life!