Little sunshines!

Surfcamp Lombok Photo by jesse

Our little surfer girls have been very brave during the last few weeks, jumping at every oportunity to go surf, even by themselves, they love it and we're very proud watching them progress at lighting speed.

During the small swell, their little beach brake has not been working. This has given them valueable time to train for the sk8 competition in the turkey bowl.

The bare foot classic will be held close to the end of the month, watch this space for more details. Fingers crossed the rain doesnt come early. Exciting!

Hopefully its going to be a good cheerfull crowd like the last two events.

Another thing thats also very fun to do when theres no waves is snorkeling. Anyone wanna join?

Have great day!!

Joined: 2013-01-03
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Volunteer organization are good for kids for it provides free recreational opportunities and learning about the nature as well. - Tax Tiger