Let's have yoga in the rain!

Surfcamp Lombok Photo by Jenny

Here in Gerupuk the kids are an inspiration to many people and for many things, one of them is yoga in a skatebowl and while raining!       Is there anything stranger but yet so fun?

These kids are a source of happiness that's why we think they deserve as much attention and education as possible and that's also why we have regular trips to the local school, a good experience for us and a happy/funny lesson for them.

The surf has been great in Gerupuk bay with good mellow waves, perfect for the beginners course and we've had fully booked, spectacular camps this season with lots of wonderful people from all over the world.

The Sessions crew has gone to many different places searching for glassy, big and fun waves such as Ekas bay, Segars and Mawi. They surfed so much that they almost couldn't take it anymore, but i said ALMOST.. cause you always want to surf more.

Time to do a sunset surf now!

See ya soon..