girls just wanna have fun!

Surfcamp Lombok Photo by Jenny

Hi everyone!

Its been a while and the camp has just reopened for the season so, why not show our latest news!

Now its dry season and Lombok is filled with warm colours, the sea looks even more amazing than usual and the sunsets are insane!

Let us present our new little surfers: Kanim, Rena, Gemur, Megah, Septi and Nurul!

This has been a little project we've had in mind to give local girls a chance to do something fun, it includes surfing, sk8ing dancing and many other activities. BIG thanks to Surfer Girl that gave us rashvests and boardies for the girls to wear and many prizes for our sk8 competitions, WONDERFUL!

This is just the beginning.. more and more to come!

Have a good one!


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With surfing camp, kids can

With surfing camp, kids can both have the physical and mental benefits during their crucial development years with other kids. By developing a positive association with water and other kids of the same, a child can into a positive cycle. - Peter F. Spittler

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Surfing is my favorite

Surfing is my favorite sports, just like them I trained myself harder to get the techniques. I learned to face my fears with that deep blue sea. After a few years I built my Surfing camp with my hobby in our city to assist the little kids if they want to learn surfing. baxton studio dining chairs

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Ever since I was a child I

Ever since I was a child I really wanted to do surfing but my leg injury prevented me from trying. Now I'm just enjoying watching them on TV. The girls in the picture are so amazing they have a bright future ahead of them. Just keep working hard and it will pay off in the end. caterpillar colombia