Big swell and punishment suit?

Surfcamp Lombok Photo by jesse

Have a look at our new punishment suit, this must be the best one so far!

Friday night was Jungle party night, and a hilarious evening cause of all the good costumes and funny ideas.

Budi our chef has come up with a fantastic thing called live cooking, which is an entertaining and delicious way of making food.

The sessions group went to Ekas (next bay) the other week, it turned out to be an amazing day with quotes like: that was the best wave of my life...nice!

A new swell should be here on wednesday....oooh yeah!

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Seweet! See you


See you sooooooon...:)

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Such a good costumes! Lots of

Such a good costumes! Lots of people are attending this event and me as well because of the interesting activities during the event.

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