2011 New people New projects

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The season has just started and we are back in business with new guests, a few new staff members and many new projects.



Surfcamp Lombok Foundation

Surfcamp Lombok Foundation

From 2011 all goodwill projects involving the local community will be organized through: “Surfcamp Lombok Foundation – Waves of opportunities”. The main project for this season is to build a community center at the local school. To our help we have a Spanish crew of architects that will arrive in mid March to start the building process. A month later we are happy to welcome a group of 36 students and teachers to the camp that will use the new community center for creative workshops together with children from the village. Our former guest Lars Bredenberg is arranging a fund raiser in Stockholm on February 26th with his band. You can read more about the event on Facebook. Find more information and become a member of the Surfcamp Lombok Foundation at: www.surfcamplombokfoundation.orgFloorplan


Street art in Gerupuk

Since a few weeks back we have been adding a lot color to the village, more and more people starts asking if we can paint there houses as we go along. If we had more paint I guess we could paint the entire village. There has been a few of us painting and from time to time the locals stop by to give a helping hand. There are still endless walls to paint so we will see what the neighborhood looks like in a few months… Special thanks to VOLD who contributed with this lovely surfer chick!



SCL has the major part in the first shaping bay on the island of Lombok. The name “BANYU” means water in Indonesian and the first EPS/EPOXY surfboards made in Lombok will be surfed within two weeks from now. Thanks to our Japanese friend and surfboard shaper Ryosuke Hori, we now have a local shaping bay with top modern technology and the ability to make surfboard designs according to your individual surfing style. The surfcamp will be launch customers for BANYU surfboards with a test center of five different surfboards models available for all guests during their stay. If you like the boards we can of course make a BANYU board for you.BANYUBANYU

Nanti Dulu

We have some problems with the boat engine, so the boat trips will have to wait for a few weeks more. “Nanti Dulu” will soon be as good as new once the restoration-work is done.Nanti Dulu