The Surfcamp Lombok story...

Our story started with a 3 month boat-trip throughout the Indonesian archipelago that left us shipwrecked on the coast of southern Sumatra. As such profound experiences tends to build deep relationships ours also manifested in the idea of a surf camp on the shores of south Lombok. After months of planning we ended up starting a small scale surf school together with our local friends in the village.


Throughout the first couple of years we cut random housing deals with bungalow resorts, ships and luxury hotels but eventually we saved up enough money to start building our own place which is where we are located today. The building process was somewhat different from anything we had ever experienced before, to make a long story short you can say that we built on "day to day basis..." About a year and a half into the journey we put the first beds into one of the rooms and finally had our own accommodation, the kitchen however, was not finished until four months later.


The vision we all had in common was simply to share a warm and honest experience while teaching passionate people and providing them with tools to continue exploring on their own. To achieve this we knew that it would be impossible to have guests staying just a few days at the time, so we decided to run each camp for at least two weeks and have proper workshops and lectures about the theory behind waves, tides, weather, equipment and surf ethics.


Today we have something for all surfers, including a 60ft boat to make live-aboard trips to Sumbawa for those who want to take the adventure even further. Apart from having our own piece of land on the beach, custom designed to facilitate our vision. We also have a beach front skate bowl, operate a local shaping bay and host a school building for local children. But we won’t stop here, there are always new things, new projects and new places to explore, even though all you ever need is water.












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